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  • Reiki Healing, Aura Reading, Chakra Balancing, Psychic Healing

  • Tarot Card Reading & Psychic Reading

  • Vastu Shastra

  • Horoscope Matching, Love Astrology

  • Relationship Astrology

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Who are we?

MystikAstrology is founded by Jitendra Guruji, who is one of the most respected name in the field of Astrology. Our services include Kundali Reading, Psychological and Physical Healing, Vastu Shastra, Tarot Card Reading, Face Reading, Numerology and also some interesting services such as Past Life Reading, Ravan Samhita, Dream Analysis, Signature Analysis and more.

MystikAstrology is based in Mumbai and Pune, but provides services all over the globe. He has also provided consultation services to clients from Europe, USA and South-East Asia.

People from all walks of life and from all parts of India have got benefited from the services of MystikAstrology. The clients include Businessmen, CEOs, High ranking Politicians, IAS and IPS officers, Celebrities. As people approach Guruji with their personal problems, utmost care is taken to maintain confidentiality of clients.

About Jitendra Guruji

Jitendra Guruji was born in in Eastern part of India and joined Gurukul at the age of 5 years.  He started to learn different Vedic sciences including Astrology, Vaastu. He has done an in-depth study of the Vedic scriptures and has immense knowledge in Vedic Puja, Havan and Dosh Nivaran. Jitendra Guruji has received his knowledge through Guru-Shishya paramapara that runs in the Gurukul. He has followed the most stringent form of Brahmacharya during the years when he did Sadhana.

Jitendra Guruji provides Vastu Remedies without the need to break a single brick.

Jitendra Guruji also has a science background. He has done M.Sc in Mathematics and was involved in research in top technical institute.

Guruji has 30 years of Experience and during these years he has helped over 1 Lakh people. The mission of Guruji is to help people overcome their problems and make them live life to their full potential.