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It’s no more a hidden truth that dreams have always fascinated us. We all dream about something daily. While some of these dreams make sense to us, other are generally indistinct  and forgotten. Dreams along with their interpretation has been one of the greatest uncertainties to humans since their presence on earth. Well known psychologist, Sigmund Freud carried out an extensive research on dream analysis. According to him, our dreams are in true sense the visual version of our most unconscious or sub conscious desires. These are some crude desires, which we all find too intolerable and we slowly take it to our unconscious mind.

The desires mentioned above are reflected in our dreams through several living as well as non living objects. As per Indian astrological beliefs, our dreams are a reflection of our future.  The several objects, whether living or non living, that we see in dreams indicate something good or bad happening to us in the future. It’s quite interesting to find out what the different objects in our dream actually mean.

Dreams are the outcome of certain mental states, conscious and subconscious, caused by various positive and negative effects of heavenly bodies. Thus, interpretation of dreams can point towards the obscurity of future. However, there are certain guidelines that must be kept in mind in order to interpret the dreams and deduce their effects – the dreams that occur during the period starting from 3 am till dawn yield their results within 7 days, the dreams that one get during midnight show result in nearly 1 month and dreams that occur before midnight show their effect in a year. Those dreams that are seen in daytime do not yield any result at all. If one sees several dreams in a night, only the last one happens to be effective.


According to Hindu astrology, if a person sees a mongoose in his dreams, it is seen as a good sign. It means that the person will receive immense wealth in his/her near future. It also means that many unresolved problems will soon find a solution in the person’s life.


If a person sees alcohol in his/her dreams, it means that he/she is a strong willed person. It also reflects that the person is very ambitious and he/she can do anything to achieve what he/she wants.


Snake in dreams represents strong sex drive. If a person sees a black snake in his/her dreams then it means that person is craving for some intimate moments with his/her partner.
Young Woman

If one dreams about a young woman, the it is a good sign for him/her. It means that the person is going to be highly successful in his/her future endeavors.


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