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Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification is a process where an experienced Astrologer determines the Exact time of Birth.

In astrology, one of the most vital aspects is appropriate availability of the time of birth. Time of Birth is an important element in creating ones Horoscope or Kundali. Even slight differences in minutes and even seconds can change the horoscope comepletely. When the Time of Birth is incorrect, the Kundali as well as the predictions given by the Astrologer will be incorrect.

Erecting a natal chart is absolutely not possible without knowing the time of birth. Not many astrologers know the way to set right the incorrect birth time or to arrive at the correct birth time after analyzing the life events of a client. If one wishes to have correct and precise predictions then he/she needs to provide precise natal horoscope to the astrologer. For a horoscope to be casted, there are three main requirements, namely date, time and place of birth. Date and place of birth in most of the cases is correct, however, the same could not be said about the time of birth. This is due to several factors and one is, in olden days quartz watches were not available, whereas only mechanical watches were available and these were used to loose or gain time in minutes and at times in hours in a day. In villages, the use of watches was quite minimal. Secondly, at the time of birth, the main worry of the doctors and nurses is for a safe delivery of the child and noting the appropriate time of birth of the child takes a back seat. Thus, it's always sensible for an astrologer to verify the horoscope given to him for predictions.

With a simple superficial look at the horoscope, an astrologer can know whether the time difference is little or more. On the other hand, if the horoscope is not depicting the happening of the events, the native is eager to find his correct ascendant or the astrologer is eager to cast an appropriate horoscope, then the astrologer must apply the theory of ruling planets for Birth Time Rectification.

Jitendra Guruji is an experienced Astrologer with years of experience who can help you determine your exact time of Birth.

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