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ravan-samhitaRavan was an exceptionally powerful demon king and also one of the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva and Maa Bhagavati. The book written by ravan is known as Ravan Samhita or Ravan Sanhita.

Ravan was great-grandson of Lord Brahma who created Universe. Ravan’s father Vishravas was himself a great devotee of Lord Shiva and was known far and wide for his great powers (tapobal). Ravan learned Vedas, Upanishads, mantras and karmas from his father at a very small age. Ravan’s mother Kaikashi was a demon princess and she taught Ravan all the tantras and demon magic.

In short, Ravan knew the Vedas, mantras from his father and the tantras, magic from his mother. He had a very strong determination and fighting spirit from his childhood. As he grew up, he had an ambition to achieve great power. He started to do very difficult sadhanas of Lord Shiva and Maa Bhagavati. With his strong determination and severe austerities he pleased Lord Brahma and received siddhis. He later went to Kailash and started doing puja of Lord Shiva. He knew that Lord Shiva only has the power to control the entire universe. He successfully won the heart of Lord Shiva. He became so pure that Lord Shiva gave him the permission to stay in Kailash as long he wished. During this period, Ravan learned how to get the supreme power. He became so powerful that he could control Navagrahas, Das digpal, Gandharva, Devtas. He was able to learn all this because at that time, his heart was pure and devotional. He wrote a pothi (book) by name Kaal Samhita meaning control your future and death. The same is now known as Ravan Samhita.

By studying Ravan Samhita, one can gain knowledge about future. It has knowledge about waking up dead and even controlling them. It has all the knowledge of demons magic, tantras as well as mantras. In that book, the subject of immortality is also present. It also provides a lot of vedic knowledge  about Grahas and puja vidhi. It also suggests some ayurvedic medicine for health. The book teaches how to achieve power and how to turn your wish into reality.

The script is so old that it is very difficult to translate. If translated properly then the prediction from Ravan Samhita will be very accurate. In Ravan Samhita, Ravan wrote that no one can change the past so it is useless to think over it, no one has control over future so it can be achieved by anyone. He always said that it is better to know the direction of your future than going aimlessly. He never believed in luck, he believed in karmas and he knew that future is dependent on karmas. In Ravan Samhita, he has said that immortality is actually a curse (abhishaap), because an immortal person will see all his loved ones die and will suffer endlessly. He said that one can achieve immortality if one is ready for endless suffering. In Ravan Samhita, he has also mentioned how to deal with the dead. Ravan cautioned that dealing with the dead may seem easy unless the dead starts dealing with you.

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