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Rudraksha is an extremely holy object in the Hindu religion. It’s mainly a hard and dark colored fruit of a tree whose botanical or scientific name is elaeocarpus ganitrus. Rudraksha has another name in Sanskrit, i.e. eyes (tears) of Lord Shiva. and ‘Aksha’ means eyes or tears. The name of the subject also signifies “under the protection of Lord Rudra (Shiva)”. In Hindu scriptures, Rudraksha beads (also known as rudraksha ratna) are considered to be the holiest object having spiritual powers. They are primarily used for spiritual as well as material gains and for the well being of the individual wearing it. The subject greatly help in attaining the best results and to avoid bad luck as well.

Rudraksha-Wo Can Wear?

Basically, a person wears it for self empowerment and to avoid bad luck that could affect him/her at any point in life. Any person can wear these beads  irrespective of age, sex, caste, religion, etc. Each bead is recognized by the number of faces or Mukhs that are vertical lines on the beads. The type of power of the subject is decided by the number of faces or mukhs it possesses. Each type of the bead is related with a ruling planet, ruling god as well as mantra. One can select a particular bead related with ruling planet for which astrological remedy is sought. The subject can be worn in a pendant in gold or silver or thread.

Rudraksha Benefits     

The benefits of wearing the beads and rosaries are:

  • It presents detachment and feelings of renunciation
  • Helps in getting rid of all sins and to attain perfect spiritual knowledge.
  • Lessens evil or negative influence of planets and black magic
  • Regulates blood pressure and help to control stress
  • Lessens anxiety and depression and increase concentration and fertility
  • Helps in getting relief from brain disorders and psychological maladies
  • One can acquire wealth and prosperity by wearing these beads; eliminates obstacles and provides success in career

Rudrakshas are known to eradicate bad effects of the planets similar to that of gems and they can be worn together as well for attaining maximum benefits.


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